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Small Banner & Text
Fridge Frame Seconds

Everyone makes mistakes.  Unfortunately we are no exception !!  But this is fortunate for you as we have seconds of the frames shown below available at giveaway prices.  These frames have only minor faults but we can’t send the to our retailers.

The shapes shown in the packaging below are completely separate from the frames.  They are magnetic and can be discarded or used to decorate (or cover faults) or used to hold other items on your fridge.

Seconds available in both our large and small sizes:

  • Large accomodates 6 x 4 inch photos and are only A$3
  • Smalls measure 95 x 115, have a window opening 75 x 55 and are only A$1


Typical faults of seconds look like this:   These fault images are real size with your screen set to a resolution of 800 x 600.

Mark on Brushed Aluminium Surface.

Scuff dirt on a paper surface.

Scratch on a solid colour surface.

Chips of material on the edge of a glitter surface.

Pulled thread on the edge of a fabric surface.

Seconds Frames Available:  We have seconds in all the below finishes in both large and small size.

Colours and styles of contrasting shapes (which you may remove) may vary from those shown here.

Solid Colours

Dark Blue

Medium Blue

Sky Blue


Bottle Green

Lime Green





Bright Yellow

Warm Yellow

Specialty & Handmade Paper Surfaces

Batik Blue

Batik Turquise

Batik Yellow

Crinckle Green

Crinckle Pearl

Fine Yellow Gold

Inclusions Black

Inclusions Yellow

Marble Gold on Blue

Marble Gold on Red

Marble Gold on White

Fabric Surfaces



Sand & Tulip

Sand Blue

Sand Yellow


Glitter Silver (P)

Sequins Gold (P)

Shimmer Purple (P)

Shimmer Silver (P)

Glitter Purple (P)

 Art Fridge Frame Specials

Special Surfaces

Brushed Alumin. (P)

Brushed Gold (P)

Crystals (P)

Glitter Black (P)

Glitter Blue (P)

Glitter Green (P)

Glitter Pink (P)

We have also reduced the price of the following Art Fridge Frames.  Large $3.50,  Small $2.50.
Their images are larger than the others but they are still for 6 x 4 inch photos (except the small ones).  There is nothing wrong with them, we just have excess.

Art Dogs

Art Party

Art Native Flowers

Art Bus

Art Childs Small

Art Flowers Small

Art Party Small

We have about 20 of our popular Seagulls Art Fridge Frame with some glue on their backs left from a trade display.  Only $3.00
Write “Seagulls with glue” on order form.

These Art Fridge Frames come with 4 free magnetic tacks !  They can hold all those extras on your fridge.
  Just one will hold an A4 page (and they don’t leave a hole)! 
WARNING: Keep them out of reach of toddlers!

The Art range will fade if left in direct sunlight.

For clearance items please telephone or email us directly.
Clearance items are FREIGHT FREE

For seconds / bargains please telephone or email us directly.

Clearance items are